Download Page for GPS Data Parser Program

1. Current version 
The current version is  V6.5  (2009.10.23)

The program  can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  If you do not have it already on your computer, you will need the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime file MSVBVM60.DLL,  which can be downloaded from Microsoft. My program can be used freely for personal and non-commercial use. Any other use requires my formal agreement.  The program is experimental and you will use it entirely at your own risk.  If you have understood this and agree, you may now download the program.

Download current version

2. Version History:
V6.5  bug fix  for GPX track files that contain comment besides track data or Lat Long in a reversed sequence;
fixed the issue of multiple instances (date: 2009.10.23)
V6.3  improved readability of  GPX track files (can now read gpx files produced by UNIX PCs,  i.e.  records terminated by LF only)
 bug fix regarding W and S coordinates with GPRMC data

V6.1b  bug fix with IGC files, fixed issue with height data, added reading and processing of GPX track data
V5.4  bug fixed with bad NMEA sentences / Runtime Error 5

3. Test Data File

Here you can download a test file of NMEA GPS data, as produced by the GPS  set. 

The test file was recorded during a car trip on the B6 in Northern Germany. 

For best representation in Google Earth, observe the Note in the operating information.


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Ingo Harre, Bremen, Germany, Content last modified on 2009/10/21