BLANKET - Radar Free-space Calculation

BLANKET is an algorithm to determine the `free-space range´ of pulse radar systems. The range of marine radar is, standard propagation conditions assumed,  limited by the radar line of sight (or ´radar visibility range´). BLANKET limits the free-space range to  this value (even if the conditions would permit a larger range).

The free-space range of a radar system is the maximum range determined from the parameters of a radar system (antenna and transmitter/receiver combination). Environmental conditions are not taken into account. As these can be assumed to be the same for systems to be compared, free-space range is a suitable datum for comparing radar systems or their components, e.g. to find out what it means to double transmission power, or to uses antennas of different sizes and characteristics.

BLANKET is made available on this web site for educational and scientific purposes and under exclusion of any form of warranty, what so ever. Other use requires a license by the author. If you accept these conditions, you may download the algorithm using the following links: description of the algorithm with equations and explanations in form of a PDF  document. For practical use the algorithm is available in two different forms, as a MATHCAD  8.0 document, or as an EXCEL spread sheet.

Radar Cross Sections of targets can be found in tables via my RCS page.

It would be very nice indeed, if you had any suggestions for improvement, practical experience in using BLANKET, other radar programs, or other useful comment as a feedback for the author.

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Ingo Harre, Bremen, Germany, Content last modified on 2009/04/14