There is no doubt, my life is somehow related to the sea. Over 30 years of professional experience in marine electronics and maritime transport account for it. Of course, I am also privately involved, being a certified yachtsman and diver.

After graduating from the University of Hannover in electrical engineering, electronics and informatics, I gained my first engineering experience in planning and implementation of industrial process control systems, until I became attracted by a company producing marine electronics in Bremen. In this company I collected in-depth experience in diverse technologies, such as sonar, radar, and laser sensors and the related electronic data processing systems, while serving the international markets of commercial navigation, fishing, hydrography and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). I am a registered consultant to the European Commission, where I also worked as an in-house consultant for some time writing maritime research programmes.

In the course of time numerous technical papers and a few patents were published, which are bearing my name. I am a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation and served as the secretary of the German Hydrographic Society (DHyG) for 10 years.

My web site covers some issues of my professional interest, and I include some tools which I developed to ease my work. Perhaps these web pages are useful for you as well. If this is the case, I would be glad to get a feed-back from you. Also if you had any suggestions.


Ingo Harre, Bremen, Germany, Content last modified on 2009/04/25